My positivity page

Ah, you found my page which I pretty much just made for myself. I know, it’s weird right? You were never meant to read it.

It’s my place where I can document the positive feedback I’ve received on my words, stories, and messages. That way I’ve always got somewhere to come back to on days I’m suffering with impostor syndrome, or generally just feel a bit shit about myself.

So you can click back to where you came from, unless you’re particularly keen to bathe in my pool of positivity…

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Other lovely messages

I just read your latest blog and LOVED it. I’m 26 and I’m in a bit of an odd time where half of me is screaming GO DO FUN STUFF ALL OF THE TIME and the other half is like, it’s ok, read your book, go to bed at 9.30. Anyway, I found it really comforting… especially this section “Learning to just “be” isn’t easy. It isn’t something many of us are used to. But by practising the concept, we may find more satisfaction with the simple things.

I just wanted to drop you a message to say it’s so wonderful to have found you on here. I feel less alone and very inspired.

I can see you’ve started a path along mental health. Basically think what you are doing is great and will resonate a lot with people so thanks.

“A true friend will respect your boundaries. Good friendships go both ways, and it should never just be one person compromising on their needs.” THIS. Too many cling onto bad friends because they’re worried they won’t be able to make new ones as adult. You can and you will.

Plus just having that reassurance that I’m not alone is something Hannah always manages to do and am so thankful for her friendship.

Hey Hannah, just wanted to say thanks so much for the chat today – it was so great. It was a breath of fresh air to see someone talking so openly. Thanks so much, you’re great ❤️❤️

Your candour was really refreshing and it was inspiring to see all you’ve achieved.