Mental health speaker & contributor

All enquiries for speaking engagements and media requests can be directed by email. I try and get back to all enquiries within 48 hours of receipt.

Mental health press contributor

If you are looking for a contributor for your publication or media outlet on mental health, I am always happy to share my personal stories with reputable publications.

Time To Change media volunteer

I am a media volunteer for Time To Change, which is another source you may want to look at if my own experiences don’t match up with what you’re looking for [check out]. There are around 80 other volunteers on the database, covering a range of mental health conditions. As volunteers, we are on hand to provide comments and interviews on topics that relate to current news stories.

Media publications will speak to me for stories relating to depression and anxiety, particularly surrounding perinatal mental health, and workplace discrimination.

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Speaker for mental health topics

If you’ve ever met me, or listened to me delivering a presentation, you’ll know I am straight talking, candid, and often speak off the cuff.

I speak from the heart. I share details that can be hard hitting, as well as helpful. I’m talking about the “keeping people alive” kind of helpful. It’s important shit that we need to talk about.

“Thank you for speaking to us all earlier. Your candour was really refreshing and it was inspiring to see all you’ve achieved.”

Elliot Mark, Seeker Digital

I’m not the kind of speaker who will just say “it’s OK to not be OK” because when I haven’t been OK, that phrase didn’t make me feel any better. Instead, I speak openly and honestly about my own experience of mental health issues. My lowest lows, and how I try to fight my way back to level ground.

Despite being a woman with autism and anxiety, I’ve spoken on stages to thousands of people, mentored individuals through video conferencing, and everything in between.

Aside from the practical experience delivering talks, I’ve had professional training too. I’m alumna from the 2019 Shine Bootcamp cohort in Toronto; an immersive 3-day speaker training incubator for women who are on a mission to share their stories with the world.

I’m currently taking bookings for the following speaking engagements:

  • Online conferences and meet ups
  • Podcasts
  • Workshops
  • Webinars

“Thanks so much for today! Feedback has been really positive from the team and it’s started some good conversations”

Faye Watt, Seeker Digital

Now, I know that it might sound a little risky booking a speaker who talks about suicidal thoughts and anxiety about terrorism, but this is real stuff and affects many more people than me.

If my words and style of delivery make an impact, you’ll see that my blunt language has a place in the conversation around mental health.

Upcoming mental health bookings & appearances

Talk About Digital
September 2020

“Why we need to talk about mental health in the digital marketing industry”

Previous mental health bookings & appearances

Seeker Digital – Mental Health Awareness Week workshop
May 2020

“Insights on mental health in the workplace”